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Pops Painting

2022 Holiday Pops Art by Holly Aloha Jaynes To be Unveiled at November 6 Artist Reception at Unitarian Universalist Church

The above photo displays RCOMH Holiday Pops art, “Across Marblehead Harbor” by Holly Aloha Jaynes.


Holly Aloha Jaynes will present the painting she has created for the Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor’s Holiday Pops concert at a reception in her honor on Sunday, November 6, 12:30 to 2:30 at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 28 Mugford Street.


The reception is free and open to the public. Guests are invited to gather for an exhibit of Jayne’s artwork. The presentation of the 2022 Holiday Pops painting, “Across Marblehead Harbor” will take place at the reception. Holly Aloha Jaynes is an artist who views the world with a deep love and regard for nature, animals, and people, seeing art everywhere and in everything, giving her the ability to make images of vulnerability, wonder and compassion, “I am inspired by people I meet, places I go and nature in all its variety and beauty,” she has written. “I admire and am inspired by artists…and many of the early and contemporary photographers, too many to list.” The exhibit of Holly Aloha Jayne’s work will be on view through the month of November.


Jaynes said of her painting, “I want to give the viewer peace, wonder and hope”. The painting has a vantage point on Marblehead Neck, on a lawn framed with lavender, blue, pink and white blooms. Sailboats float serenely in Marblehead Harbor, with a view of Abbot Hall set against a lovely sunset of blues, oranges and yellows. The painting celebrates color, serenity, and the beauty of the Marblehead landscape


The Holiday Pops artwork will be raffled at the Holiday Pops. Raffle tickets will be available at the reception, and at the Arnould Gallery, from Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor members and on the Pops concert on December 10 at Abbot Hall.