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50 Women Leaders in the 8th Essex District Announce Support for Doug Thompson

Marblehead—In a letter to voters, fifty women from the 8th Essex District announced their support for Doug Thompson in the September 6th Democratic Primary.  The endorsers chose Thompson as the best candidate in the crowded Democratic field to protect reproductive rights and access to abortion care, citing his detailed post-Roe plan and Thompson’s proposal to create a Champions of Choice council with legislators from other states where abortion is still legal.  The council would:


  • Create similar laws for protecting reproductive rights, patients, and

providers across all states with safe abortion. 

  • Make sure the medical abortion pill is widely available. 

  • Support online resources for finding out-of-state providers, scheduling

appointments, and accessing telemedicine. 

  • Develop a 24/7 hotline for women pre and post abortion. 

  • Provide funding for transportation, housing, and food for women that need to

travel from a different state for safe abortion.


“For more than two decades, Doug has been creating innovative ways to make

healthcare more affordable and accessible. He has the skills needed for negotiating and

passing legislation to strengthen abortion laws across our Commonwealth” the endorsers write in their letter.  “Doug is the only candidate whose plan includes helping and working with other states. At the end of the day, we are one country. If any woman is denied abortion care that affects us all, even if she is not from Massachusetts”.


“I am humbled by the support of these women who have been fighting to keep abortion legal in Massachusetts and the country,” said Thompson.  “They have my commitment to be a champion on this issue, in the Commonwealth and beyond.”


The 50 signers of the letter are listed below and a link to the full text of the letter is HERE.


Katie Arrington

Judith Black

Kate Borten

Kathy Breslin

Elise Brink

Susan Buchanan

Sue Burgess

Pat Cardenas

Susie Cheatham

Laurie Cohen

Loretta Connolly

Martha Curry

Ruth Davidson

Mary Dechillo

Nancy Demuth

Marina Dreeben

Naomi Dreeben

Laurie Fullerton

Cheri Garrett

Iris Goldman

MaryLou Harvey

Mimi Hollister

Jenny Honig

Rebecca Kinchley

Margarita Kuksin

Brigitte Lagoutte

Nancy Marland

Patia Massey

Betsy Morris

Lynn Nadeau

Sheryl Perlow

Eileen Norcott

Ingrid Pichler

Nancy Powell

Amy Powell

Betsy Rooks

Alexis Runstadler

Tina Peregrin Sanchez

Heidi Shear

Emily Sherwood

Mary Spitzer

Ingrid Strong

Jill Sullivan

Cheryl Verrette

Kathy Walters

Wendy Webber

Lilly Worthley

Michelle Wright

Irma Zarinsky