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League of Women Voters

Abbot Library Board of Trustees - January 9, 2023 - OBSERVER REPORT

The following was submitted by the Marblehead League of Women Voters. It is a synopsis of a town meeting in Marblehead. Marblehead Beacon is not responsible for the accuracy of the report and did not edit it prior to publishing.



Monday January 9th, 2023 (Eveleth School 3 Brook Road- Hybrid Meeting)


LWVM Observer: Brigitte Lagoutte


Directors Report:


  • The Library will be closed on January 16th (MLK's birthday)
  • The Library is currently looking for a Library Assistant for the children's room.
  • Renovations: the Pleasant Street library is now empty. A press release will be published to kick off the renovations' starting date.
  • The interim library's roof at 3 Brook Road is in need of repair. The roof is cracked in several places and there are 3 locations which need to be looked at where leakage occurred. The total cost for the repair is estimated at $6,000.
  • Heating services came for repair work, and the heating system is now working.
  • The library programs are going smoothly. The library is experimenting to establish a children's registration online.
  • The Library Director continues to work on the Policy Review: the Collection Development policy and the Gift Giving policy are being currently revised.
  • The confidentiality policy is run by Noble.
  • The library is continuing to offer training for their staff.
  • Circulation is higher this year and the number of library patrons is slowly increasing
  • The Collection Development Policy was voted and approved by the Board.
  • In addition, a request by the Director to buy book racks and a book cart needed for the interim library but which will be also used in the renovated library, was voted and approved by the Board.


Building Renovations Report:

The renovations will start in early February. The site of the Library will be fenced up. 

There was a desire expressed among competing bidders for the bids submitted for the electrical portion of the renovation to be reviewed. There will be a meeting Friday January 13th to take this matter up.


The Friends of the Library:

10 people were chosen at a recruiting volunteer event. They will be able to help the Friends' multiple involvements. The book sale which took place in December 2022 was successful and well attended.


Next meeting will be on February 6, 2023 at 6 pm and will be hybrid