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Appreciating Marblehead's Teachers with Marblehead Beacon

Teacher Appreciation Week, which begins this year on May 8, is an opportunity for our community to celebrate our most exemplary educators. To assist in this effort, Marblehead Beacon invites parents and students who have had outstanding experiences with teachers in Marblehead to complete this form to share their stories about what makes these teachers so special. Marblehead Beacon has previously profiled some of the best administrators and teachers Marblehead has to offer, and we would like to take the opportunity offered by Teacher Appreciation Week to continue this effort to shine light on the incredible people who work so hard in the classroom every day to educate Marblehead’s students. 


Teachers who are nominated via the above form will potentially be selected to be profiled in Marblehead Beacon. The goal of these interviews is to shed light on teachers’ lives outside the classroom in an effort to provide a broader perspective on what makes them such talented educators inside of it. We recently launched this effort with a profile on Robert Dillon, one of Marblehead High School’s stellar English teachers, and we look forward to sitting down with additional members of Marblehead’s excellent teaching community. 


Anyone who teaches within Marblehead is eligible for nomination, whether they teach in district, private, or charter schools. We look forward to meeting some of Marblehead’s best!