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Clive Connolly

Eagle Scout Project Restores and Repairs Ware Pond Boardwalk: Troop 11 Effort Inspired by the Marblehead Conservancy

In a terrific display of community spirit, Clive Connolly, a dedicated member of Troop 11 in Marblehead, planned and led a remarkable Eagle Scout leadership project that brought together twenty-one volunteers on a rainy day: fellow scouts and adult leaders from Troop 11, members of the Marblehead Conservancy, family, and friends to restore and repair the Ware Pond boardwalk. Inspired by the Conservancy's commitment to preserving and protecting natural landmarks, Clive's initiative has breathed new life into the boardwalk and enhanced the access to the Ware Pond Conservation Area for generations to come. Clive was aided in completing the project by fellow scouts Dylan Boland, Gavyn Domato, Xavier Grazado, Noah Jackson, Tristan Kindle, Nathaniel Landrebe, Evan Manning, Sam Putnam, Greg Santosus, Beck Sheridan and Luke Webster, troop leaders Jim Caplan, Jonathan Manning, Jim Ramsden, Tony Santosus and Peter Sheridan and Marblehead Conservancy members Steve Butterworth, Don Morgan and Doug Perkins. Clive’s sister Miranda and mother Milena also supported the project by helping with logistics and some of the preparation work. Clive’s main advisors for the project were Jim Caplan, Don Morgan, and Doug Perkins who were instrumental in working with Clive to complete the planning and preparation in the weeks and months beforehand to ensure that the project work day would be successful. 


Ware Pond has long been a popular destination for residents and visitors seeking solace in nature. The boardwalk winds its way through the woods and wetlands at the pond’s edge and offers the opportunity to get close to its open water of the pond. Over the years, weather and wear and tear have taken their toll on the boardwalk, making it look worn down in some sections and potentially hazardous.


Recognizing the need to preserve this precious town asset, Clive Connolly chose the restoration of the Ware Pond boardwalk as his Eagle Scout Leadership Project. The Marblehead Conservancy, singularly devoted to preserving the town's green spaces and natural beauty, became the source of inspiration for Clive's project. Determined to make a lasting impact, Clive reached out to the Conservancy, and their partnership laid the foundation for the extensive restoration efforts that followed.


Under Clive's leadership members of Troop 11 and the Conservancy volunteered their time and skills to breathe new life into the worn-out boardwalk. With guidance from experienced mentors and the support of the Marblehead Conservancy, the scouts embarked on a mission to revitalize the boardwalk, ensuring it will remain a safe and enjoyable space for the community for years to come.


The project day presented several challenges including raw and drizzling weather and one section of the boardwalk, which when the top boards were removed was found to be almost completed decayed and needed almost full restoration. Getting through these challenges called for an extraordinary display of teamwork and coordination. Together, the dedicated team of scouts, Conservancy members, and local volunteers replaced decayed boards and restored the support structure for a thirty foot long section of the boardwalk. Clive's planning and dedication were evident throughout the process, as he meticulously supervised each phase, ensuring the project adhered to the highest standards.


The Conservancy contributed both resources and materials, facilitating the timely completion of the ambitious undertaking. On Saturday June 3rd, after months of preparation and planning, the project culminated in a full day of hard work to complete the restoration of the boardwalk.


Looking to the future, the Marblehead Conservancy and Troop 11 of Marblehead eagerly anticipate further collaboration in their shared commitment to preserving the town's natural heritage. Projects such as these benefit the entire Marblehead community by ensuring our town remains a sanctuary for both green spaces natural ecosystems for years to come.