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Enthusiastic Support for Armini's Endorsement of Firearms Law

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Legislator Jennifer Armini's endorsement of HD4607, "An Act modernizing firearms laws." This bill represents a much-needed step towards ensuring the safety and security of our community while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners.


HD4607 addresses the modern challenges we face in regulating firearms, taking into account advancements in technology and evolving societal needs. By updating our laws, this bill aims to prevent gun violence, enhance background checks, and establish stricter regulations on the sale and possession of firearms.


Legislator Armini's support for this crucial legislation demonstrates her commitment to protecting our community and promoting responsible gun ownership. By advocating for HD4607, she is taking proactive steps to make our streets safer and reduce the risk of firearm-related incidents.


I strongly urge all members of our community to support Legislator Jennifer Armini and HD4607. Together, we can work towards a safer and more secure future.


Bruce Ettenberg

Elbridge Lane