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Paul Tucker


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, August 15, 2022  

Contact: Paul Tucker Committee 978-375-7213




Salem, Massachusetts, August 15, 2022… Today Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett  announced his endorsement for Rep. Paul Tucker, a Salem attorney, who is running for District  Attorney in the upcoming Democratic Primary Election. DA Blodgett is retiring after a remarkable  20 years leading the Essex District Attorney’s


In his formal statement, DA Blodgett said: “A successful and effective District Attorney must  possess managerial experience and proven administrative skills, have a criminal justice  background, knowledge of the law, and be staunchly committed to public safety and victims of  crime. 


“The next Essex District Attorney must have the requisite skill set and experience to effectively  manage a budget of more than $12 million and a staff of over 170. Paul Tucker has this  experience, having successfully managed a large public safety agency. 


“During his over 30-year tenure in law enforcement, he partnered with the last two district  attorneys in successfully investigating and prosecuting criminal cases. Throughout his career in  public safety he has been a relentless advocate and champion for the rights of crime victims. He  understands that a district attorney is the only voice in the courtroom for victims. 


“For these reasons, I endorse Paul Tucker for Essex District Attorney. He has earned the respect  and admiration of all he has worked with in public safety throughout his career and will be an  outstanding District Attorney.” 


“I am sincerely honored to receive DA Blodgett’s endorsement. For decades, the Essex District  Attorney’s Office has set the standards for integrity, innovation and effective pursuit of justice. I  have had the privilege of being part of the DA’s Prosecution Team in over 1,000 cases with DA  Blodgett and former DA Kevin Burke. Their strong commitment to holding criminals accountable,  securing justice for victims of crime, providing services and drug treatment to non-violent  offenders, and engaging the community in crime prevention are unmatched.” Tucker said. “As District Attorney I will uphold those high standards and build upon that unwavering commitment  to the pursuit of justice. I welcome this opportunity to put my criminal justice background, law  enforcement training, and administrative and management experience to work to lead the Essex  District Attorney’s Office.” 


Tucker has been an attorney for 22 years. He chose to devote his career to public safety and  criminal justice and has stood with the victims of crime for 30 years. He holds a Juris Doctorate 


in Law, both Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Criminal Justice. He is a member of the  Massachusetts Bar, a college adjunct professor and former police academy public safety  instructor.  


He is a respected Former Salem Police Chief with proven administrative skills managing a  department of over 100 employees and a budget exceeding 10 million annually. Tucker, a Salem  Police Medal of Honor recipient, is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National  Academy, the 2010 New England Law Enforcements Executive Development Seminar, and the  Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Advanced Narcotics Investigation. Tucker previously  served as Director of the North Shore Drug Task Force and member of the Board of 


Directors of the New England Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association. 


Tucker most recently has been an effective State Representative (7th Essex District) serving on the  Public Safety/Homeland Security, Judiciary, and Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder and  Recovery Committees. He Co-Chaired the Special State Commission on Adolescent Crime. He has  worked in partnership with the District Attorney, Essex County Sheriff, Municipal Chiefs of Police,  and local non-profit organizations to strengthen and improve our criminal justice system. 


Tucker, a Salem Police Medal of Honor recipient, is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of  Investigation National Academy, the 2010 New England Law Enforcements Executive  Development Seminar, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Advanced Narcotics  Investigation. Tucker previously served as Director of the North Shore Drug Task Force and  member of the Board of Directors of the New England Narcotics Enforcement Officers  Association. 


DA Jon Blodgett recently named “2022 Prosecutor of the Year” by the National District Attorney’s  Assn., was first elected to office in 2002. For the past 20 years D.A. Blodgett has been a recognized  leader in confronting the opiate epidemic, domestic violence, auto insurance fraud and gun  violence, through prosecution, diversion, and partnerships with schools, police, and community  leaders to fight crime. He instituted an adult drug diversion program and has rolled it out to all  district courts in the county. He also expanded juvenile and youthful diversion programs  throughout the county. He initiated a special Gun Court session in Lynn District Court that has  eliminated the backlog in gun cases in Lynn. He partnered with the Insurance Fraud Bureau of  Massachusetts and local police to prosecute auto insurance fraud which has not only saved rate  payers millions of dollars but has made the streets safer. His Office has also expanded the use of  High-Risk Assessment Teams to better protect victims of domestic violence and hold batterers  accountable. He is currently chairman of the Board of the Addiction Policy Forum and has been  a member of the Board of the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance since 2005. He was  elected President of the National District Attorneys Association in 2018 and has served on the  Board and the executive committee of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. 


Tucker has also been endorsed by scores of community leaders from across Essex County who  want to elect a strong District Attorney to take DA Blodgett’s place. For a complete list go to:



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