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Karen Tal-Makhluf

Karen Tal-Makhluf Withdraws from School Committee Race

When I first announced my candidacy for one of the two open seats on the Marblehead School Committee, I was motivated by a desire to help our schools refocus their priorities on recovering from student learning loss and promoting academic achievement. Since then, I have been encouraged to see four other candidates enter the race. Since I have no wish to detract from these candidates’ efforts, and because I will also need to be traveling during much of the campaign season, I am publicly withdrawing from this year’s School Committee race effective today, but I look forward to continuing to help move our community forward, both as a volunteer, and as a parent. 


As the June 20th election approaches, I encourage all Marbleheaders  to take the time to research the four remaining candidates and make sure that your vote is an informed one. Two of these candidates have clearly demonstrated the temperament, focus, attitude, and experience that all of us should consider to be essential in serving this important role in our community, especially at a time when so much is at stake for our children. By contrast, the two other candidates have shown both in their online communications and during public meetings a lack of courtesy or good judgment  and a clear inability to work respectfully with parents, colleagues and teachers to resolve differences. We need to ensure that our elected officials serve as good role models for our children and our community, as we seek to come together for the well being of our students and teachers. 


I wish the candidates the best of luck in their campaigns, and I encourage Marbleheaders to carefully consider which candidates have the most to offer in terms of their commitment to student needs, measured approach in the face of disagreement, and willingness to focus on learning fundamentals in order to give Marblehead students the truly exceptional education they deserve.