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Jennifer Brennan

Marblehead Beacon School Committee Questionnaire - Jennifer Brennan

Application Letter | Resume


I seek appointment as an interim school committee member because it is important to fill the vacant seat with someone who has a vested interest in making sure Marblehead students receive the best education possible. At this time, I have no plans to pursue election in 2023. My background as an attorney provides me the training to act as an advocate, to consider stakeholders’ different perspectives, and to seek resolution of any issues facing the district. Additionally, as outlined in my letter of interest and resume, I have been involved in many school organizations. My service on those committees provides a baseline of knowledge that will allow me to immediately join in committee discussions about the needs and priorities of the district. One of these priorities is to ensure that the district is leveraging its greatest strength: its teachers, administration, and staff. There are many good things taking place in the Marblehead public school system. As a potential interim committee member, my focus is on ways I can help improve this strong foundation. One area of opportunity that can be addressed in the limited appointment term is to evaluate current class sizes to make sure they allow teachers to maximize instruction, connection, and safety. I look forward to answering more specific questions from the two boards during the interview process.