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Larry Winer

Marblehead Beacon School Committee Questionnaire - Laurence Winer

Application Letter | Resume


Regardless of whether you are appointed to fill the current vacancy, do you plan to seek election to the School Committee during municipal elections this coming June 2023?

I cannot now commit to either seeking election in June, 2023, or not doing so. A good deal will depend on my experience in the interim, should I be appointed to the School Committee, and whether I think I can make a meaningful contribution in an elected term.


What aspects of your background or experience best prepare you to serve on the School Committee?

Throughout my adult life, I have been an educator, in various capacities, at the high school, undergraduate university, and law school levels. Having raised and successfully educated two children, I know directly the sometimes daunting task facing parents for whom education, broadly conceived, likely is second in importance only to the health of their children. I believe my combination of scientific and liberal arts training well equips me to appreciate and address any curricular or pedagogic issues, which comprise the core function of public schools and which might arise at the School Committee level. 


What do you believe are the most significant strengths and weaknesses of the current school administration?

As I said in my letter applying for the position, I have not had a reason in recent years to focus on the Marblehead public schools or any specific, current local issues. I will be very interested to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the system and believe I will be a pretty quick study on addressing such matters.  


What are your top priorities if you are appointed to the School Committee?

I am committed to the idea of providing excellent education through public schools for children across a broad spectrum of talent, ability and interest. Quality public education is the lifeblood of democracy and our civil society, and public schools, although facing many challenges, have a quite vital role to play in our country. The top priority must be to provide students such an education in an environment that is academically stimulating and engaging while being welcoming, supportive and comfortable for all.