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Recreation and Parks Commission Meeting - January 3, 2023 - OBSERVER REPORT

Recreation and Parks Commission

Tuesday, January 3, 2023 

LWVM Observer - Kay Rieper


New Business


Derek received a letter from Jack Attridge suggesting that the sign “entering Marblehead” on Rec and Park property on Lafayette Street needs repair or replacement.   The Commission would be glad to partner in this but they have no money in the budget to contribute.

The water line to the Stramski house has been completed.   There is still work to be done on railings on the steps and a handicap lift, the money for which may be requested from the Shattuck Fund

Damage at the beach parking lot from the recent storm will not be repaired till spring, anticipating more storms and high tides.


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Schools


Derek and Jaime met with Sarah Fox and Dr. Buckey about the Department’s need for use of school facilities for after school programs during the school year, and for the summer programs during inclement weather.   Details of the memorandum of understanding were worked out and will be brought to the school committee at their next meeting.   The Department provides the use of fields, and park facilities for many school activities, and if they can’t use school indoor facilities, they may have to institute a user fee to cover the cost of lost recreation programs and cost for using other indoor facilities.




A requested level funded budget will be impossible to maintain with inflation adding cost to everything such as oil, electricity, fertilizer, water, sewer, and gasoline.  The fields need to be maintained.   Peter will present a budget to the Finance Committee with his estimates for the increased costs.




There has been a lot of leaf cleanup at the parks and schools and tree work at various parks.   The beach parking lot will be fixed in spring.   The Highway Department will fix the sidewalk.




Winter programs include basketball, indoor soccer, and floor hockey (for little kids).   Summer planning is well underway and online sign-ups will go live in February.

Jaime has been (unsuccessfully) looking for an evening worker to monitor the Community Center several nights a week from 5 - 9 p.m.   It was suggested that this could be offered as a “tax write-off job” for a senior.   She will pursue this.




In answer to a letter from pickle ball, the courts will not be closed unless it snows.   Then they will be locked for liability, and to prevent damage to the courts.