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League of Women Voters


The following was submitted by the Marblehead League of Women Voters. It is a synopsis of a town meeting in Marblehead. Marblehead Beacon is not responsible for the accuracy of the report and did not edit it prior to publishing.



Tuesday, October 18, 2022    7:30 pm   

Community Center Conference Room

LWVM Observer -  Kay Rieper


Present:  Linda Rice-Collins, Karin Ernst, Rossana Ferrante, Peter James, Jaime Bloch

Absent:  Derek Norcross, Matt Martin


The meeting was called to order by vice-chairman, Linda Rice-Collins.   The minutes from the last meeting were approved.


The MOU (memo of understanding) for the Bike park will go to the town counsel for review.   There was a discussion of the “inspection” of the bike park, how often, and who would be a point person in Marblehead.  This will be further discussed at the next meeting.


Ongoing projects update:

The construction of the water line to the Stramski house is progressing and should be done before the freeze.

The pavilion at the beach near the playground was taken down because the roof was rotting, and it was unsafe.  A replacement plan is underway.  


Parks update:

The Brown School grounds maintenance had been turned over to the Rec and Parks department (without their knowledge).  Jaime would like to go over the MOU with the schools at the next meeting to clarify what each department is responsible for.

The bathrooms at Fort Sewall, Chandler Honey, and Devereux Beach have been closed.

At Stramski’s, gravel has been added to the lower parking lot to smooth it out.

Fall fertilizing is complete, and irrigation has been turned off.


Recreation update:

Jaime asked to revisit hiring two part time clerks, meeting with the Finance Committee chairman before the budget season.


The fall programs this year have generated $22,000 more than last year.


October programs include the Scarecrow Stroll, Haunted House put on by the field hockey team, pumpkin decorating (3 sessions), and a Birds of Prey program.



A request for the use of the Bud Orne hockey rink to host a street hockey game for the St. Lambert/Marblehead hockey exchange on November 19 was approved.


A request by the Chamber of Commerce for the use of the gym for the Home and Garden show next spring will be taken up at the next meeting to decide which dates will be offered and what fee will be charged. 


The next meeting will be on November 1 at 7:30.