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Terri Tauro

SEIU 509 and State Representative Pete Capano Endorse Terri Tauro for 8th Essex State Representative

Marblehead -  Terri Tauro, candidate for 8th Essex State Representative has received endorsements from Massachusetts State Representative Peter Capano (11th Essex) and the Service Employees International Union Local 509. 


“Terri is a homegrown fighter,” said Representative Capano. “She’s lived in her district her whole life, and she’s laser focused on our district’s needs- education, infrastructure, housing, quality jobs, transportation, and prioritizing working families. I would be honored to work side by side with her in the State Legislature, which is why I’m proud to endorse her in her race.


Rep. Capano is a lifelong Democrat; a U.S. Army Veteran; and a graduate of Lynn Public Schools and the University of Massachusetts. Like Terri, he proudly served as President of IUE/CWA (Local 201). As a Lynn City Councilor and Representative for Essex 11th, Rep. Capano is known for listening to his constituents, and for working for good schools, more jobs, and solutions to persistent local flooding crises. His endorsement underscores Terri's position as the People's Candidate. 


“SEIU 509 is proud to endorse Terri Tauro for State Representative," said Peter MacKinnon, President of SEIU 509. "Terri has centered equity and economic justice in every aspect of her campaign – and she is dedicated to creating a Massachusetts where everyone thrives. As a State Representative, we know Terri is ready to fight for every voice in her community."


SEIU Local 509 is a statewide union representing nearly 20,000 educators and service workers across Massachusetts. According to their website, union members that range from “mental health clinicians and social workers to early childhood educators and university lecturers…are united in our mission to raise living standards for working families while improving the quality and affordability of the services we provide.”


“I’m honored to receive the endorsements of State Representative Capano and SEIU Local 509” said Terri Tauro. “I look forward to serving with Rep Capano in the Legislature as we advance bills and policy to make Massachusetts an equitable, more affordable place for working people, such as the service employees who make up the SEIU.” 


These two most recent endorsements round out an impressive collection of labor support from around the Commonwealth: Massachusetts AFL-CIO, IUE-CWA Local 81776, AFT Massachusetts, Massachusetts Nurses Association, Massachusetts Building Trades Union, Carpenters Local 329, 1199 SEIU, IUE-CWA, Iron Workers Local 7 and IBEW Local 2321. These unions represent the people in our communities: infrastructure support, teachers, nurses, carpenters, health care, skilled labor, service workers and communications – the skills and the resources necessary to facilitate a sustainable future.

Terri has also secured endorsements from the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, Incorruptible Mass and The Sunrise Movement. The missions of these community-minded organizations reflect Terri’s platform: diverse representation, transparency in government and sustainability with a just transition for our workforce.


The Democratic Primary is September 6, 2022 with mail-in ballot, early voting and in-person voting options available. 


About Terri Tauro

Terri Tauro lives in Marblehead with her two daughters. Tauro serves as the Department Administrator at the Harbormaster’s office where she has worked alongside the people of her district to protect our natural resources, uplift our working families, and support our public school system. She has firsthand experience in implementing green programs, all while making sure our working families don’t get left behind. She is currently working on a “Clean Marina” rating for our transient dockage at Tucker's Wharf, and she is pushing for grants to fund the addition of solar panels to our public docks.


Tauro proudly represents her coworkers as the President of IUE-CWA 81776. As president, she has negotiated contacts that have won better pay and benefits for the workers in her unit. She has represented colleagues during grievance hearings and fought hard against unsafe working conditions. Composed of a socioeconomically diverse membership, the IUE-CWA represents workers in various lines of work, with librarians, custodians, highway construction workers, dispatchers and more holding membership in the union. This diversity has given Tauro the opportunity to negotiate and win concessions for people from all walks of life. It has, therefore, prepared her for the task of crafting legislation, and building a winning coalition to pass that legislation, to benefit all who call Massachusetts home. 


Tauro is running to represent the community she was raised in: the 8th Essex District.  She knows the issues and the unique challenges of Lynn, Marblehead and Swampscott. If elected, she will fight for the success of all students with fully funding our schools, health and human services, fair wages and a just transition to green energy to benefit every household.