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Task Force Against Discrimination 1/12/23 - OBSERVER REPORT


LWVM Observer- Shari Pressman


TFAD was represented at a rally for pride and solidarity earlier in the evening on 1/12 at the gazebo at Linscott Park in Swampscott because a swastika had been graffitied on Redington Street.    An estimated 100 people, including local clergy and officials and lay leaders attended in the rain to condemn hate and foster a welcoming community for everyone. 


Reece read her and Chris’s statement, published in local media, about the incident at Club Q in Colorado Springs.  


Holocaust Remembrance Day, created almost 20 years ago to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz in 1945, will be observed twice on Friday, January 27. 

  • A gathering at Abbot Hall will be held at noon.
  • On Friday, January 27, Temple Emanuel, 393 Atlantic Ave., and Rabbi David Meyer will host Moses Grader, Select Board chair, who will read a proclamation honoring the anniversary.  Community members will be present.  The service begins at 6:00 pm and welcomes the public.


Diane reported that there’d been no incidents in the schools.  She reported that early elementary schools had received books about METCO.


Natalie Belli, a sixth-grade teacher at Village School, suggested the book “Stamped” by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds for the February Vacation Book Read.  Students would read the Young Adult edition of the book, which Natalie thought is appropriate for grade 6 and lower.  Reece and Chris will work to get copies of the book to school Media Specialists.  Copper Dog Book Store, on Cabot Street in Beverly, also works with Marblehead schools.  The title and project received unanimous approval from TFAD members.


Joe Whipple and Candice Sliney sent a letter to the Select Board on January 6.  At the time of the meeting, he hadn’t yet received a response


In his letter, Joe noted that TFAD has been a town-appointed committee since 1989 but has never received funding.  The Task Force has sponsored or cooperated with and financially contributed to other organizations to hold events for Indigenous People’s Day, Juneteenth, Pride Month, MLK Day, Community Book Reads, authors and speakers on DEI and an Information Booth at the Farmers’ Market. This year they will include Holocaust Remembrance Day.  TFAD incurs printing, purchasing and advertising expenses for these events.  Currently, they reach out for donations from businesses and individuals to support the events.  Joe and Candice requested a meeting with members of the Select Board to discuss the request. 


TFAD is seeking two student representatives.  Those students who’d like to serve should submit a letter of interest.


Louis Meyi, from the Marblehead Racial Justice Team, spoke about the ongoing “Conversations on Race” series.  On Monday evening, January 23, at 7:00pm, Executive Director Doneeca Thurston, Iris Kimber and Tara Agaba from Lynn Museum will present a program on “Untold Stories: A History of Black People in Lynn”.  The program is hybrid.  For further information, see


TFAD will investigate participating in Marblehead Arts Festival’s proposed Main Street Boost for town organizations this summer