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(Marblehead, MA) August 20, 2022 – Happy Catz is a new Marblehead, MA pet sitting service that changes the way cat owners can care for their pets while away. Happy Catz, CATering exclusively to felines, is predicated on the belief that cats are social animals, and that care that expands beyond a cat’s physical needs is the best way to ensure their overall wellbeing. The new service can be reached by calling owner Jim Nemeth, a 20-year resident of Marblehead with nearly 40 years of personal cat ownership experience, at (781) 797-0329. Cat owners are also encouraged to follow on Facebook at:


Happy Catz is unique in providing extended care for felines of Marblehead that tends to all their needs—not just the physical.


Perhaps because cats are more independent than dogs, many owners mistakenly believe that, while away, their cats are blissfully happy spending the days alone by themselves—napping, staring out a window, and migrating themselves to the latest spot of sunlight. But the reality is that while they may not furiously wag their tails nor jump for joy every time their owner walks in the door like dogs, cats are social animals. “It’s a stressful time for cats when their “humans” are away for extended periods,” states Nemeth. “Compounded by having a stranger trespass into their domain once a day for 20 minutes to plop food into their bowl, freshen the water and then quickly disappear until another, long 24 hours have passed.”


That’s where Happy Catz comes in. “Happy Catz doesn’t do the ‘dump food, scoop the box, then gone’,” continues Nemeth. “Such a visit certainly provides for a cat’s physical needs, but cats have other needs as well.”


A typical Happy Catz visit also includes games and toys to stimulate the cat mentally, as well as time devoted simply to petting, talking, and grooming to satisfy the pet’s social needs. Each visit also includes such additional services as bringing in mail/newspapers, plant watering and nominal home security checks.


“Happy Catz is about quality, not quantity,” emphasizes Nemeth. “I’d rather have fewer appointments in a day in order to spend more time with the cats I’m fortunate enough to be caring for.” With his additional certification in pet first aid and CPR, Nemeth reassures Happy Catz clients that they can “Enjoy peace of mind while away.”


Happy Catz also offers in-home (client) overnight visits.


Jim Nemeth is available for interviews. Contact:


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