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Advocating for a Zero-Based Budget and Accountability in Our School Committee

I am writing to express my strong support for Jenn Schaeffner as a school committee candidate in the upcoming elections. Jenn brings a refreshing perspective and a commitment to fostering transparency, accountability, and responsible financial management within our educational system.


In these times of ever-increasing budgetary constraints, it is crucial to have individuals like Jenn who advocate for a zero-based budgeting approach. A zero-based budget entails scrutinizing each expense from scratch, ensuring that it aligns with the educational goals, and avoiding any unnecessary expenditures. By adopting this method, our school committee can ensure that every dollar spent serves the best interests of our students and their education.


Transparency and accountability go hand in hand, and Jenn is a staunch advocate for both. As concerned parents and community members, we deserve to know how our tax dollars are being allocated and spent. Jenn understands the importance of open communication between the school committee and the public, as well as providing regular updates on the budgetary decisions and financial management. By promoting transparency, we can build trust, encourage community involvement, and ensure that the best interests of our students are at the forefront of all decision-making processes.


Furthermore, Jenn is committed to holding both the administration and the town accountable for their actions. It is imperative that our school committee maintains a strong and proactive stance in overseeing the administration's activities. By actively engaging in constructive dialogue, asking tough questions, and demanding answers, Jenn aims to ensure that our schools operate efficiently, effectively, and in the best interest of our students' academic growth and success.


Our community needs a school committee member like Jenn, who possesses the vision, dedication, and determination to uphold these core principles of zero-based budgeting, transparency, and accountability. Electing Jenn will provide our district with a powerful advocate who will keep the administration and the town's feet to the fire, ensuring that our educational system continues to excel.


I urge all community members to consider the value of a zero-based budget, transparency, and accountability when casting their votes for the school committee. Together, let us make a conscious choice to support Jenn and build a stronger future for our students.


Catherine Martin
West Shore Drive