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Alison Taylor Advocates for Transparency and Responsiveness

I am writing this letter to support Alison Taylor’s run for school committee. 


Alison is a civil engineer and has worked for two of the top four consulting firms in the country. This profession requires the ability to multitask, adhere to timelines, stay on budget, and have excellent communication with clients. All qualities that are vital to be a successful member of a school committee.


I support Alison’s campaign goal of improving transparency. As a parent and taxpayer, I want to know how the school’s budget is being allocated in-item detail. Currently, I cannot access this itemized budget as it is not available online. Since I am a full time working parent, it is extremely  difficult for me to carve out time to get a look at the budget binder. This budget binder can easily be scanned and displayed online for the entire community to view. Furthermore, Alison supports making School Committee documents available online at least 24 hours prior to meetings. This will allow me the opportunity to read and digest the topics and ask good questions. I want to be a better informed parent so that I can understand what is going on in my children’s school and so I can advocate for them when appropriate. I won’t be able to do this if the documents aren’t accessible to me. Additionally, Alison supports adjusting the format of “open comment” during the School Committee meetings so that questions can be answered during the meeting. Currently “open comment” is a one-sided dialogue where parents ask questions and school committee members are not required to answer. This is not helpful.


Alison grew up in Marblehead and excelled academically here. She wants all of our children to also have the same educational opportunities she was given while attending MPS. She supports MPS having high standards and challenging our students no matter what their ability is. She believes that MPS has an obligation to our children to provide varying levels of classes so students can take advantage of opportunities to challenge themselves and reach their full potential. She has been paying attention to our school committee meetings and speaking up and she would be an excellent advocate for parents, community members, and our children. 


And last but not least, Alison is kind, logical, and down to earth. I would never hesitate to reach out to her to discuss an issue I’m having with the school. She researches topics, speaks to a wide spectrum of people, and takes the time to study complex matters. 


Please consider voting for Alison Taylor on Tuesday, June 21st.


Aleksandr Bakhrakh

Auburndale Road, Marblehead


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