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Alison Taylor - Letter to the Editor

To the Marblehead community,


Tonight will be my first meeting as an officially sworn-in, Marblehead School Committee member.  


Thank you to all of you who voted for me.  I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support by so many of you during my run for school committee.  Most importantly, my son, for his unwavering support and patience as we walked through this journey together - this is all for you, my sweet boy.


I would also like to thank Reece Dahlberg and Sarah Fox for a professional and hard fought race.  I am proud to have run with such strong women. 


With this nomination, I will begin the work I laid out during my campaign; asking tough questions when needed, ensuring transparency in decision making, and holding myself and the rest of the administration accountable for our actions. 


I am honored to be your voice. Together, we can work with all seated members and the Marblehead community to help meet the needs of our children, parents, and teachers. 


Again, thank you. Words can’t express my emotions or gratitude for this opportunity.  



Alison Taylor


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