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Letter to the Editor

The $$ are NOT Guaranteed to Go to Ed. or Roads - No On 1!

The first sentence of Question 1 proves there is no guarantee that the money collected will go to education and roads


To provide the resources for quality public education and affordable public colleges and universities, and for the repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and public transportation, all revenues received in accordance with this paragraph shall be expended, SUBJECT TO APPROPRIATION, only for these purposes.

Those three words "Subject to Appropriation",  mean that the legislature has to vote each year to spend this money on these items - nothing forces them to do this.   The previous words about Education, roads, etc., are just "intentions" and not binding. 


The money simply goes into the giant General Fund and you have to hope and pray that they don't find "other more important" uses for this money - good luck with that.

If you vote yes on 1, you are opening the "back door" to a graduated income tax that the legislature has always wanted; and we voted down three times before.

That is all you need to know about Question 1.


Jack Buba

Palmer Road, Marblehead