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Critical Race Theory Last Thing Marblehead Needs

Like many of my fellow Marblehead taxpayers, I was relieved to see Question 2 defeated by a wide margin. I suspect that the price tag, and its long-term impact on our taxes, was the primary motivating factor for most of the NO votes. However, while I certainly am opposed to the School Superintendent's, as well as the School Committee's, total lack of transparency and fiscal responsibility, there was another feature of this override that was an even greater concern: the fact that virtually all of this spending was for administrative overhead, with little or none of it having any direct impact on classroom learning. While this continuing administrative bloat is bad enough, one particular item was especially alarming: the creation of a Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) director.


To the best of my knowledge, this person's duties and responsibilities were never spelled out in any detail, so we don't really know precisely what this person would have done. However, in most other communities where such a position has been established, the primary function is to promote and oversee the introduction of Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the curriculum. This is about the last thing that Marblehead needs. While I have no doubt that CRT (under a different name, of course) has already infiltrated the school curriculum, we should be trying to eradicate it, not promote it! The fact that the Superintendent attempted to establish such a position, and to do so in an extremely non-transparent manner, and the School Committee supported him in this attempt, should set off alarm bells throughout the town.


Charles Schumacher

Oak Street, Marblehead


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