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Experience Counts with Doug Thompson


When Lori Ehrlich and others, including myself, decided to focus our attention on cleaning up the dirty Salem Coal Plant, Lori - still a CPA - became dedicated to our successful effort. Our work enlarged from one power plant to the environment and from the environment to all public issues. That's when she decided to run for the State House. I am supporting Doug Thompson for State Representative because of his experience, dedication and commitment to one of the most important and pressing issues in our personal and public life: the impact of sickness and health on our resources including the impact of our environment on sickness and health. His life's work, starting with an internship in Clinton's Health Reform task force, grew into becoming the CFO of our state's Medicaid program and most recently the CEO of a successful healthcare company delivering primary care to seniors. He has lived his concerns and values. In the Kennedy school of government, he enlarged his awareness with issues impacted by that monster-budget-breaking health care sector: climate change, economic opportunity and justice, housing, women's rights to choose, transportation, and transparency - all issues that need addressing. I salute our Democratic candidates, each of whom mirror our progressive district, but it is Doug Thompson who stands out as a person who has concentrated his life choices on making a difference and will take that experience and expertise to the State House when negotiating budget choices which impact public transportation, clean air, job justice, and in fact all issues.


Lynn Nadeau

10 Surf Street



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