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A great big 'thank you'!

I am thrilled with the outcome of the town elections. Boards and Committees are no longer standing still or putting things off for another meeting in the hopes the issue will be forgotten. A perfect example of this is the Board of Health. For over 18 months we have known about conditions in the “temporary trailer” erected to house the scale operator, employee break area and single restroom in the absence of the old building torn down in 2015. Finally, the board voted to replace it while closed for installation of the new compactor in the fall. As a concerned resident and president of the local municipal union, I wish to thank the entire board and the E.D. but especially new board member Tom McMahon. Tom kept his promise to us and dove right in at the very first meeting. Many other Boards and Committees have already started to make significant changes and have meaningful conversations. We may not all agree on everything but the resounding message of the elections was that the status quo was not working. 


We all need to put aside our differences and work together for the future of the town. This may sometimes involve painful changes but consider the alternative.


Thank you to everyone that spoke up, ran for office, held a sign or had an important conversation with a friend. Remember, we gave incumbents decades to do the right thing so we can certainly give the new people a year or two. 


Terri Tauro

Jersey St.