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I am more hopeful of our future because of what I witnessed at the Y

I just spent the most delightful half hour, at the Beverly YMCA, Sterling Center.  While waiting for my wife to finish her exercise class, I witnessed two parades of preschoolers on their way to have some fun in the gym.  It was a holy moment for me!


On my way into the YMCA a woman asked me why I had a “40 Days for Life” bumper sticker on my car and wore a hat with the same inscription.  I told her that I, and a group of about one hundred volunteers, fast and pray for mothers and their unborn each fall and spring for forty days.  She suggested that that might be a good idea as our world was “going to hell in a handbasket.”


I am more hopeful of our future because of what I witnessed at the “Y!”  So, I strongly suggest to my readers that we watch innocent children following their teachers to a fun activity.   That, in and of itself, might restore our faith in humankind.  These children, from all that I could witness, enjoy an innocence that inspires me to believe that love exists in each of their families who choose to love their children into life and who joyfully celebrate the gift of life.  They are our future and we can hope that our loving them into maturity is worth the effort.


John J. Kwiatek

Millbrook Road