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Letter to the Editor

I am proud to be supporting Terri Tauro for State Representative

I am proud to be supporting Terri Tauro for State Representative because I have witnessed her considerable courage and abilities firsthand. She has called herself a “bulldog” when it comes to righting injustice—and from my personal experience of her dogged determination, I couldn’t agree more. Several years ago, during a long period of severe understaffing in my Town department, I was tasked with work considerably above my pay grade. When the situation was brought to Terri’s attention, she, as President of the Marblehead Municipal Employees Union, immediately sprung into action. In short order, she amassed all the necessary supporting documentation and began conversations with the main players. Despite numerous roadblocks, she won many months of back pay on my behalf. I have absolutely no doubt that, as our State Representative, Terri will be a tenacious advocate for fair play. She fights to win!

Anne Thornton
Millett Rd, Swampscott


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