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I look forward to voting for Terri Tauro on September 6th


Terri Tauro is a proven leader as seen through her current representation of the Marblehead Municipal Employees Union. To see her in action is something to behold. She comes prepared, confident, and brings an unparalleled attention to detail any time she’s presenting a case for those she represents or an issue she supports. There are many positions of Terri’s to support but there are several particular ones that stand out to me. First, her desire for transparency in government. Whether it’s the overspending / mismanagement for the Transfer Station in Marblehead or one of the employees she represents being recklessly exposed to toxic substances on the job. Terri doesn’t just ask the questions of those responsible, she gets out and does the boots on the ground research so that she is ready and prepared to support those she represents. She’ll ask the hard questions in meetings and brings a confidence where those she’s asking know that they better think twice before giving her the run around. During a time of insufficient transparency in government, Terri recognizes this is a problem and has a track record of fighting for it. Another important position, that seems unique to Terri, is her highlighting trade schools as a viable option after high school. Being a graduate of Marblehead High School in 2000 I remember vividly my conversation with my guidance counselor on my post high school plans. She asked, “which college do you want to go to”. Years later I realized that was the wrong question.


The question should have been “what do you want to do/be.” Currently the demand for trades workers is high and the reward just as high. Its clear now that college isn’t a guaranteed path to success and definitely not the only path. In fact, it could be the path to insurmountable debt. The real answer is hard work and ambition. I’ve been blown away seeing so many people I grew up with who chose the trade school route doing something they love, being their own boss, owning their own homes, raising families, and really living their best lives. The message that trades school is a viable option should have been at the forefront long ago and it seems to me that Terri is the only candidate that truly understands that. A lot of candidates will talk the talk, but if you’ve ever seen Terri in action, she delivers on everything she says. My first introduction to Terri was watching her on a Board of Health call fighting to improve the unacceptable working conditions faced by the workers of the Transfer Station.


She was so prepared, confident, and well spoken that I had to reach out to her myself to congratulate her and offer any support I could. I’ve also talked to various people she represents in Marblehead Municipal Unions and the reaction I get seems to always be one of two. The first is a smile and a “Isn’t she great!” The other being, “I really hope she wins State Rep. but we’ll be so sorry to lose her.” That alone should say it right there. The people Terri ALREADY represents know how much of an asset she is to them and that helps me know she will stand by what she says and be the
best candidate for the State Rep. in the 8th Essex District.

Tom McMahon
1 Gregory Street, Marblehead