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Letter to the Edtior

I support Jenny Armini for MA State Rep

I am writing this letter in support of Jenny Armini for MA State Rep for the 8th Essex District. I met Jenny when I attended one of the first meetings for Elect Blue, an organization supporting democratic candidates, created in response to the 2016 election.  Jenny’s concern for our democracy and her passion for local change left a lasting impression on me.  I was delighted to learn she was running for the local office.  I knew she would be a terrific candidate because she had already created a very successful grassroots alliance.  I also knew from my connection with Elect Blue that Jenny had experience developing and passing legislation both on Capitol and Beacon Hill.

One of the most pressing matters on my mind right now is how important it is for supporters of abortion rights and women’s health not to become complacent in a post Roe world.  In fact, the fight is just beginning.  I have discussed the ongoing efforts to protect women’s reproductive rights in MA with Jenny and I know she will take nothing for granted.  As the next state representative, Jenny will work to ensure our state is a safe harbor for others while protecting our in-state providers. She is the only candidate who has fought for reproductive rights as a congressional aide in Washington and as an intern at Planned Parenthood.  I deeply appreciate Jenny’s experience with this specific issue and know that she will be relentless in her efforts on behalf of women’s health in Massachusetts.

Please join me in casting a vote to Jenny Armini for State Rep on September 6th. 


Maura K. Phelan
Mitchell Road
Marblehead MA 01945


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