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Letter to the Editor

I was Excited to see Senator Markey's Endorsement of Tristan Smith

I was very excited and happily surprised to see Senator Markey’s endorsement of Tristan Smith. We can hold beach cleanups and bake sales until the cows come home, but in order to clean up Swampscott Bay - we will need FEDERAL DOLLARS. Lots of Federal dollars. Perhaps a connection between a young energetic hometown candidate for State Representative and a seasoned United States Senator - can finally help solve some of our long-standing problems - like the “Worst Beach in the Commonwealth”. 

I have been very impressed by the candidates running for the Essex 8th, but I stand by my original decision - my choice is Tristan Smith, because he is from here and for the future.


Siobhan Giantis

Blaney Street, Swampscott