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Letter to the Editor

I will be putting my trust in Jenny Armini

Why I trust Jenny Armini.

Flying can be an exhilarating and joyous experience. It can also be terrifying and dangerous. As a pilot and aviation instructor I train pilots to become qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable captains. When embarking on a new flight you are always cautious about the pilot seated next to you. You are worried about the trustworthiness of that pilot when a storm pops up you didn’t see coming, the unplanned emergencies, the critical decision making that can’t be taught from a manual. In the toughest of moments, it is not how many educational degrees you have or how many people you manage, it is about trust. Does your crew trust the captain? Do they work as a teammate when things are on the line? That is what makes a good pilot.

Electing a state representative requires this same type of trust. A candidate can have lofty plans and goals and file all kinds of legislation but if you can’t work with others or convince others to believe in your ideas and trust you, then all those plans are simply going to sit on a shelf. Nothing can be beneath you. You need to listen and learn and be willing to fight for even the small things. The small things matter. You want someone who will take your call and really listen. Someone you can trust. Someone who has struggled through hardships and knows how to advocate

When you have held a loved one’s hand in a hospital room, experienced firsthand a child struggling at school, navigated the challenging waters of an aging or ill parent, or watched a neighbor or co-worker struggle to afford to keep their home you are forever changed. It is that change that propels you into advocacy. No amount of formal education can build this type of life experience. It is earned. It is what keeps you working often well into the night to help your district. 

Jenny Armini is someone I trust. She understands what being a state representative means and will be a fierce advocate for the people of the 8 th district. A state representative is not a CEO, they must work with others and seek out knowledge to make informed decisions. She has spent years in our community supporting our town and children. The character of a campaign shows the character of a person. I urge you to really research the candidates for this race, not just their campaign promises. Only a few of the candidates are the ones out there really doing the work in our community. Do your homework. This election is important. We need a candidate committed to our town. Someone worthy of trust.

I will be putting my trust in Jenny Armini.


Alexa Singer
Cheever Avenue, Marblehead