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I write today in support of our current school committee members

I write today in support of our current school committee members, who have been slandered, abused, belittled, trolled and threatened over the last thirty days by former members of their own circle and a small but belligerent group of local citizens in support of the superintendent. The superintendent’s supporters must not have been paying attention to his lessons and emails during his tenure here, as Dr. Buckey himself regularly asks us to “presume positive intent”. It is possible that Dr. Buckey’s most vocal supporters do not have his endorsement to attack current committee members for using the executive session to discuss the matter of his contract. It is possible they do not understand what executive session is for (exactly this) and therefore feel they should be included in the process. But why not follow his lead and presume positive intent? Our current committee chair has always acted with the best intentions for our students. Why stop trusting her now? Why do those on the fringe of the committee - former members and citizens who lost their bids to become members - not presume positive intent the way they did when two long-serving principals lost THEIR contracts in the name of “a new direction”? Why not presume positive intent the way they did when Dr. Buckey had to send our honors students to Edgenuity online to make a remote learning plan work? It is time for the adults on the sidelines to follow the advice of Dr. Buckey and presume positive intent while they await the outcome of the new committee’s executive session. Trust that what this committee is doing is being done with the best interests of our students and townspeople in mind. As adults we have the tools to withhold panic and judgement and even temper our disappointment when the outcome is not personally pleasing. So in honor of Dr. Buckey’s many pleas and convincing emails, I challenge you, supporters, to take his words to heart and until the outcome is revealed, presume positive intent. Let your school committee do their job in peace and safety.


Colleen Nial
Bowden Street