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Letter to the Editor

I’m supporting Diann Slavit Baylis for State Representative

With our public transportation system in crisis, it is absolutely critical that we have leaders in state government who are willing to stand up for the people and demand change. That's why I’m supporting Diann Slavit Baylis for State Representative.


Public transportation is an issue that impacts all our lives, and a safe, affordable, clean, efficient, and most importantly functional system is crucial. The status quo is unacceptable.  The Federal Transit Administration launched an investigation into safety issues on the MBTA after a man was dragged to his death at Broadway Station. Its findings are nothing short of eye-opening and unacceptable on the part of the MBTA, revealing wide-reaching safety issues and general chaos. Now the Orange line is shut down for a month, forcing its over 100,000 daily riders to either navigate a confusing system of woefully slow shuttle buses or simply drive to complete their commute or just perform everyday tasks. Furthermore, the Green Line has ceased service between North Station and Union Square through September 18th. This is all on top of service reductions across the entire system. Moreover, the Lynn Commuter Rail Station will soon be closed owing to safety concerns with the dilapidated and neglected structure. This shutdown will put significant strain on the bus network from Lynn to Wonderland, all while forcing riders into cars, leading to further congestion on the Lynnway. 


When I first met Diann on my doorstep, she made it clear that Transportation would be a priority for her campaign. Diann understands that the MBTA is in need of major investment, and she is willing to put in the hard work to ensure that this need is fulfilled. Diann has witnessed firsthand the impact of the service disruptions, safety shortcomings, and general disarray that plague the MBTA because she takes the T to work. She supports the electrification of the commuter rail, which would improve service frequency and capacity, and shorten commutes. She will fight for innovative solutions, such as re-establishing ferry service from Lynn to Boston during the Lynn Station shutdown. Diann is exactly the kind of legislator we need to tackle the immense challenges facing the T, all while bringing the system into the 21st century, improving service for hundreds of thousands of riders every day. Diann is willing to fight for the people, to fight for an affordable, safe, clean, effective, green and exceptional transit system for Massachusetts, and it is exactly for this reason that I am beyond proud to support Diann Slavit Baylis for State Representative. 


Micah Byron-Smarra

Humphrey St., Marblehead