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Jennifer Schaeffner is that bold, fearless leader Marblehead seeks, needs and deserves.

We clamor for bold, fearless leadership to establish, define, and navigate through the complexities of local government. In every conversation and every opportunity it is evident Marblehead seeks Authentic Leaders who are unafraid to reinforce accountability for both individual and collaborative efforts. Bold Leaders who develop mechanisms to monitor, evaluate, and report; who scrutinize, collaborate, course-correct in full view of the Public - Leaders capable of leading from Day One in Office. Jennifer Schaeffner is that bold, fearless leader Marblehead seeks, needs and deserves.

Town Meeting 2023 is the most recent proof that Marblehead needs leaders who burn with vision, intelligence and an independent spirit. Confident Leaders who welcome differing views, as well as questions and concerns from the Public instead of ignoring the potential fostered in uncomfortable conversations. Jenn is undeterred by dissent because her Vision makes space for all of us - she understands what the Community needs, and what it takes to leverage resources accordingly. She has the resume to prove that she listens, creates opportunities, builds alliances and makes an impact. June 20th is your opportunity to vote a Leader into Office.

Jenn Schaeffner has the competencies necessary to navigate the intricacies of establishing innovation, manage resources and prioritize fiscal responsibility through equitable and transparent practices. She understands every local issue impacts each and every resident differently. Jenn is a proven leader who is capable of strategic planning that centers our students and staff  - her plan will  always focus on ensuring students graduate with their dreams intact. Marblehead needs a Leader who is unafraid to speak up, and show up to work effectively on behalf of all residents. Vote for Jennifer Schaeffner, School Committee on June 20, 2023.

Megan Sweeney
Beacon Street