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Letter to the Editor

Jenny Armini is Ready to Deliver on Day One


As the only candidate who has raised the vast majority of her funds from families within in our community, Jenny Armini has already shown whose interests she’ll be fighting for. Jenny doesn’t just advocate for women’s reproductive rights; she has already demonstrated her commitment by working for Planned Parenthood. She doesn’t just talk about what she’d like to accomplish on Beacon Hill, she has already worked there and successfully passed legislation. At a time when critical issues, such as the devastating effect of climate change on our coastline, require immediate attention, shouldn’t we elect the person whose lived experience rather than just her words demonstrate her values and her ability to deliver for Marblehead? I certainly think so and that’s why I support Jenny Armini to be our next State Representative.

Cameron Staples
Member, Marblehead Finance Committee
Member, Marblehead Democratic Town Committee'

Rowland Court, Marblehead


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