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Letter to the Editor

Jenny is the only candidate with a proven track record

There are junctures in life where "now more than ever" a particular cause or candidate are critical choices. Now is that time and Jenny is the only candidate with a proven track record. Further, she has demonstrated integrity and respect during her campaign that makes me proud to stand behind her as a resident and voter.


We don't need another politician telling us what we want to hear and serving their interests, while putting down others. Jenny's extensive experience in legislation and policy will well position us in the 8th Essex with an intelligent and relentless advocate.


Jenny, in my view, is easily the most qualified candidate to bring our collective voice—for health, climate action, social justice, and a resilient future—to Beacon Hill. And because of her experience, she will be ready to do it on Day One.


Jocelyn Cook

3 Lexington Circl