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Let's give kids safe routes to schools

The child, probably about eight years old, was walking alone. She was standing, small and shy, waiting to cross Atlantic Avenue. It was a little after 2:30. She must have been heading home from Glover Elementary.


I instructed my student to slow to a stop. Two and then three drivers in the opposite lane continued past. Then a woman in a large, luxury SUV stopped. The little pedestrian hesitated before summoning her courage and scurrying, looking furtively left and right as she did.


I had my driving students count the cars failing to yield. I explained the law and the reason for it. It was a teachable moment. Then they giggled, as teenage girls tend to do. “Oh, that’s so cute,” one said, “she’s running like a scared squirrel.” Witnessing that mini drama, I was thankful that our town departments, with the support of residents and elected officials, have begun making Marblehead’s streets better for that little girl and those like her. We should not let our efforts flag.


Dan Albert

Leicester Road