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Letter to the Editor

Life Experiences Make Terri Tauro Best Choice for 8th District

Door knocking for Terri we always acknowledge that this is a terrific group of candidates, but Terri stands out.  One woman aptly replied that the candidates are similar on the issues. What makes Terri unique? Terri has lived in Marblehead her entire life, grew up in public housing and as a single mom raised two wonderful daughters.  She has worked for the Harbor Master for 12 years.   She is president of the Municipal Workers Union where she represents workers from skilled labor to members with masters’ degrees.  Terri has negotiated several excellent contracts – both for her members and for the Town. This speaks to her negotiating skills, ability to listen and compromise, and bring people together to get results. Terri led the fight to force the Town to improve the safety of the Transfer Station starting in 2021. She  co-sponsored warrant articles to bring about government transparency, accountability and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She has stood up for nurses, teachers and CPA’s.  At a rally in Lynn Terri supported a women’s right to reproductive health. Terri has lived her principles. Terri is ready to take on state wide issues where she will be a strong advocate for the entire 8th District.

Jeff and Marjie Crosby
Thistle St, Lynn


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