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MFoA Performing Arts Committee Says, THANKS!

After a two year hiatus, the Marblehead Festival of Arts Performing Arts Committee would like to thank the many people and community members that helped us present our 55th Performing Arts Concerts @ Crocker Park during our 56th Festival. As always, our line-up required an incredible amount of assistance and we’d like to acknowledge the tremendous support received this year.


Thanks to: All of the Performers who were great to work with and really gave us their all for these tremendous shows! To the Festival volunteers who always enthusiastically do their part, specifically; The Sound & Lights Crew, without whom we could not do the gig, including; Morrell Reynolds & Lawrence Habin plus our in-house pros, the amazing Kevin Thurber & Claude Richardson, along with Will Powell & Mike Aruda from Matty Colon Productions Unlimited for making it all look and sound so good! To our Internship Program contact John Krivit and our 2022 student interns plus crew of Abby Wheeler, Jamie Wheeler, Joey Smith continue the 20-year tradition of education, very hard work and lots of laughs! Thanks also to Kathy Culkin for feeding the crew!


Our deepest gratitude goes to the following local restaurants for their donations to feed our Performers. As always, we invite you to visit these giving members of our community and when you do, thank them for their donations to this years’ Festival: The Landing (Rob), Three Cod Tavern (Chip), Evan’s Deli (Evan), Café Italia (Donna & Mark), Casa Carona (Felix), Manhattan Sandwich Shoppe & The Beacon (Johnny & Edgar). Thanks also to Ralph Khouri for gracing our stage with the beautiful Oriental Rug!


Thanks to the Board of Selectman for their support & Proclamation. And to town officials for providing access to historic Crocker Park, one of the most beautiful concert venues in the world! Thanks also to Peter James, Sam Andrews and the Park & Rec Department for helping us keep the park clean and safe. Thanks also to Rick Macomber of Macomber Electricians for his annual efforts to keep the “juice” flowing.


Thanks to this years’ Festival President Matt Friedman along with Bill Smalley, Jo-Ann Murphy and 2022 Board of Directors along with so many others supporting our efforts. Special thanks once again to our Technical Director and Mr. Festival Robb Macomber for doing it all every year! Thanks to Fred & Karl of Marblehead Hardware for the kind donation of the Traeger Grill Giveaway Prize. Thanks to the Crocker Park neighbors and Mariner’s Lane Association. Hope your weekend was a great one...Thank you, Thank you!!


Finally, thank you to our beloved town of Marblehead and our incredible community for the forum to entertain and for being there to enjoy it all...It is so gratifying, especially after the past two years, to see neighbors all together and to hear such positive feedback! It’s worth every minute of the time we put in to provide incredible performances to such a supportive audience!


We are already working on our 57th Festival and invite YOU to be part of the fun…. Simply visit to join us or visit the Festival Facebook page for the latest updates and to post/share your FestivalPhotos!


How lucky are we to share this great gift of Performing Arts with all of you. We never take it or your support for granted…A final thanks goes to you all!


Brian Wheeler

MFoA Performing Arts Chairperson 2022



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