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Nate's Dedication to Our Town Is Unparalleled

I have known Nate Burke for more than 50 years since our days in school and sailing together competitively.  Nate’s dedication to our town is unparalleled.  He is always there for the right causes, including ones that fly below the radar.  He has quietly helped many families and simultaneously he has been visible in the community with his volunteering for Marblehead Youth Soccer for many years.


As Marblehead moves forward, you can be assured Nate has every tax payer in mind re: the electric light department.   He will make sound business decisions to affect real change going forward. He and I have discussed how the light department is not “broken” but does need to get back on a steady course.  


Please join me in casting a vote for Nate Burke for Light Commissioner.


Carl Lessard

Canterbury Road