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Restore the cuts! VOTE YES on 1

June 20th, you have a big decision to make on Question 1 – to override or not. Marblehead is out of cash to just maintain the level of services we have now. We complain about the cost of deferred maintenance, unmet needs of park and rec and cemetery. Our town workers see the needs too. They are amazing for what they accomplish, given the resources available to them and the situations they sometimes put up with. Yet, once again, the message to them is do more with less, while we expect more.


It's true we're a pretty safe town. Fire and police will still come for a 911 call if the override doesn't pass. There's always overtime, but that's a short-sighted solution, as staff burn out and there are risks in running a few men down with little flexibility in staffing. The school department suffered the largest staffing cuts of 33, with no option for overtime there to pick up the slack, since obviously they run only one shift a day. Cutting staffing, when we are hoping to meet more special needs in district and prevent costly out of town placements, not really cost effective, cutting teachers or sports, post pandemic with significant student learning loss and mental health needs, is not a wise decision. Letting schools fall behind, also lowers property values, something to consider.


Our current tax rate is $10 per thousand. Out of 34 cities and towns, we have one of the lowest tax rates in Essex County, near the bottom. It’s been 18 years since we had a Proposition 2.5 override and of course costs have risen, look at your own health care and energy budget. If we say we love the town, let’s vote like we mean it. Restore the cuts! VOTE YES on 1.



Renee Ramirez Keaney

Bill Keaney

Beverly Ave