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Sarah Fox: Informative vs. Performative


I am reminded at every school committee meeting just why I plan to vote for Sarah Fox for MHD School Committee. Sarah Fox is consistently the one member asking thoughtful questions. Ms. Fox shrugs off the performative in favor of the informative and is never shy about legal, budgetary, or ethical issues (on which she is well-versed at every turn). She knows the implications of the committee’s actions ten steps past the point of just saying they will take that action.


In addition to her thoughtfulness,  Ms. Fox has integrity. She will show up as a concerned parent to shovel
snow on the Village Street sidewalk with no fanfare or motive other than doing the right thing. As a committee member she clearly considers all children and their parents in decision-making, and this was most obvious during the remote school period when she was the lone member on the committee to reply to upset students who spoke of the remote learning disconnect.


Over her tenure on the school committee, Ms. Fox has garnered praise from citizens who often note they don’t always hold the same opinions, but they trust her to act in the best interest of their students. I trust her to arrive informed, prepared, and unafraid to be the lone voice of dissent if need be. If she were a doctor I would want her as my doctor. If she were a contractor I would want her as my contractor (the budget would be down to the last nail!), and if she were a teacher I would want her as my kids’ teacher. She is not my doctor or my contractor but she is a school committee member and this is where she shines. I’m not the only voter to think of her as “the people’s” school committee member. I plan to vote for Sarah Fox on June 21. Please consider doing the same.


Colleen Nial

Bowden Street, Marblehead


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