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In Support of Tom McMahon and Terry Tauro

As a 50 year resident of Marblehead, I have always taken a position supporting candidates and issues that I feel strongly about, as they usually affect the preservation of the Town's rich heritage. This year, I have spoken on issues at town meeting that may have that very effect of changing some of those long traditions that have made this town such a special place to live and bring up our children.


Over the years, we have been blessed with many men and women who have served Marblehead in various
positions of authority and influence and who, during their time in office, or as town employees, made efforts to continue serving with commitment, dignity, and grace. This year, we have elections coming up that include two candidates who are Marblehead born, raised, and educated and share the same commitment of service, hard work, and hard decisions that will affect the way that departments here in town are run.


Tom McMahon is running for the Board of Health, and Terry Tauro is running for state representative. I have known both candidates, and their families, since they were children. What they both offer is to do the work that it takes to get the job done. They both share a passion to keep Marblehead such a special place. They are committed to service, hard work...sometimes at the expense of spending time away from their families, and doing what is best for our town. Both Tom and Terry are not afraid to take on the tough challenges that may lie ahead. Some of those challenges may require the backbone to stand up to criticism that may come from those who have an agenda or who may not have done their homework on an issue. What we need now, more than ever, is that very commitment to our town that these two candidates exhibit. You either have that commitment or you don't, and with a life-long association with both of these two candidates, I can assure you that they have more than enough of what it takes to get the job done right, and with honesty. That is why I strongly support them and urge you to do the same. This year, more than ever, we need Tom and Terry serving Marblehead with the good, "old fashioned" service that was offered by all who served before them, an effort that makes our community so special!!


Please vote for Tom McMahon for Board of Health and Terry Tauro for state representative. You will not regret that decision!


Biff Michaud

Lee Street, Marblehead


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