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Letter to the Editor

Terri is a born leader & strong willed

In less than six days we have a big decision to make for our State Representative. I have personally had several meetings & phone calls with Terri Tauro. As our union president, I have had issues & concerns she has helped me through. She is NEVER too busy- even with a fulltime job & being a single parent- to stand up to help any & all in need.  She stands up for the little people & gets things done! Terri is not afraid to tackle BIG ISSUES or butt heads with higher ups who think she’ll back down because they think  they are right . She’s a smart woman with a good head on her shoulders & not afraid to go the extra mile for anyone who has been wronged. Terri is a born leader & strong willed. She will certainly be hands on for the people she will serve in our state.


Kay Monahan

Salem, MA