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Thank you for publishing E  Nyla DuBois' letter to the editor.

Thank you for publishing E Nyla DuBois' letter to the editor. Her letter presents important issues in the transgender treatment controversy, and raises relevant questions.


I deplore any bias or harassment of transgender children or adults. And I support all civil rights for transgender people except when those rights encroach upon the rights of natal women. I also support dialog that brings to light that there is a lack of scientific evidence that Affirmative Care (i.e. irreversible surgeries and hormones) will actually relieve gender distress.  I hope US doctors, hospitals, and gender clinics will soon follow the examples of European health systems (Sweden, UK, Norway, Netherlands, etc) which are turning away from medicalization and towards mental health care. 


Thank you for publishing DuBois's letter.


Molly Ruggles

Wyatt Street, Somerville