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Thanks from the Festival of Art's Literary Festival Programming Committee

On behalf of the Marblehead Festival of Art's Literary Festival programming committee, I want to thank the following for making this another exceptional year, which, despite the iffy weather, drew large crowds:


Julianna Thibodeaux, Lisa Fowler and Erin Underwood, program planning committee members, for their yeoman's work securing the well-known and recognized authors, poets, and writers that were the background of the four-day schedule. Their efforts to acquire excellence were the primary reason for the interest in this year's literary festival and the attendance.


Deep thanks to each of our presenters. You brought a wealth of expertise, an understanding of the audience's interests, and an extraordinary ability to connect with both those who seek encouragement to write and those who simply appreciate good writing—and good reading. We are in your debt.


Our thanks go also to the Universalist-Unitarian Church, which, as it has done for years, provided us appropriate spaces for numerous Literary Festival programs, from panels to speakers to workshops. We are already looking forward to 2024.


Our final thanks go to the many attendees and participants who recognized the quality of the programming and took advantage of the opportunity to come, listen, learn, and appreciate so many varied aspects of the written word. You validate our presenters and provide them the approbation they so richly deserve.


2023 Literary Festival Program Committee

Margo W. R. Steiner (co-chair)

Julianna Thibodeaux (co-chair)

Erin Underwood

Lisa Fowler