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Vote Walter Homan and Nate Burke

After reading some of the letters in support of Ms. Wolf and Mr. Smith, I feel the need to respond to some of the comments laid forth by their fellow members of sustainable Marblehead which at best is embellishment if not outright falsehoods. Let's start with the fact that Mr. Smith was not even a resident of Marblehead when myself and General Manager Joe Kowalik wrote a grant to have the National Renewable Energy Lab come to town and survey all possible sights for solar and wind which included the Brown school, which at the time was only on paper. To say he is upgrading the IT security of MMLD is reaching to say the least.


I wish they would come to the table and present actual occurrences when Ms. Wolf has been blocked. I guess throwing out the charge is good enough for them.


"Transformational changes: this is a term which should frighten every rate payer in Marblehead. They took our distribution manager's words out of context and are spinning them to fit their narrative. What, I believe he was conveying to them, was the fact of a complete change to all out electrification is not feasible at this time. But, of course they used it to justify the sky is falling mentality. They conveniently left out the fact that MMLD just received another reliability award from the American Public Power Association. They only hear what they want at our meetings.


If the rate payers want an ideological driven agenda to oversee MMLD, and become nothing but a sub-committee of sustainable Marblehead be prepared for higher rates and less reliability. Balance is what is needed for MMLD.


Vote Walter Homan and Nate Burke.


Michael Hull

Bayview Road


Editor's note: Michael Hull is currently the Chair of the Marblehead Light Commission