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Letter to the Editor

We urge voters in the 8th Essex district to elect Doug Thompson for State Rep.

Much has been written about Doug’s extensive experience in the public and private health care sector, including his time as the CFO of MassHealth where he managed an $8.5 billion to $9 billion budget. And many may already know about Doug’s comprehensive plans with respect to health care and climate change. (If not, you can read about them at And, unlike at least one candidate, some may already know that Doug is not accepting money from lobbyists and, as a result, is free from the conflicts of interest that could influence his votes and proposed legislation in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. In our view, those accepting money from lobbyists should be unequivocally dismissed as a legitimate candidate.

But there are other reasons why we are wholeheartedly supporting Doug.

We’ve been impressed with Doug’s ability and willingness to listen and learn the needs of constituents. Bob first met Doug at a Swampscott for All Ages committee meeting a few months ago. He just showed up unannounced to learn about our priorities and action plan, and listen. No other candidate has done that. Doug was interested in our committee’s desire to address the needs of an aging population, especially with respect to affordable housing and transportation.

Doug also took time to learn about the proposed harbor plan at an information booth of the  Swampscott Harbor & Waterfront Advisory Committee (HWAC), where Amy is a member. Again, Doug was in listen mode, not politician mode. He wanted to learn more about all the good work HWAC was doing to address rising sea levels and learn about the committee’s long-term plans for the waterfront. Amy also ran into Doug on the commuter rail one morning, on his way to listen in on state house hearings, more evidence of listening and learning.

Ultimately, Doug has the right experience, knowledge, skills and, most importantly, wisdom to serve the residents of the 8th Essex district. As you evaluate all the candidates, and compare and contrast their resumes, their actions versus their slogans, we believe there is a best choice, and it’s Doug.

Amy Powell (Swampscott Town Meeting Member and Swampscott Harbor & Waterfront Committee Member)

Bob Powell (Swampscott Town Meeting Member; Board Member, Swampscott Retirement Board; Board Member, Swampscott Council on Aging; Tri-chair, Swampscott for All Ages Committee) 


Fuller Ave., Swampscott


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