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Letters to Editor

What Are We Going to Do Differently This Time

I am assuming that very shortly, if not already the school committee will make the decision to let Dr. Buckey go.  I really have no way of knowing if this is a good decision or a bad one. 


What I am wondering, and seems like a reasonable question to ask before we hire ANOTHER superintendent, is what does the school committee plan to do differently this time?  How do they plan to learn to work together to develop a common vision?  How do they learn to have respectful debate, make decisions, and support the decisions of the group?  Most importantly how do they learn to come together to support the new Superintendent and assure their success?


I think finding the answers to these questions is more important than who the new Superintendent will be and the school committee should figure out the answers to these questions before they start the interview process.


Dan Rosen

Carrol Road