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Letter to the Editor


We are blessed with six, very able, forward thinking candidates to represent our district in the MA State House, but after boiling down all the meet and greets, press coverage, and conversations, I will be voting for Doug Thompson the day after Labor Day.  Never thought that I would be a one issue voter, but there is one primary issue that must be addressed. If it is not, no other advocacy will matter, because we will not have a livable climate and thus, the conditions for survival on our lovely planet.  While each candidate has brought up ‘climate change,’ only Doug has had the courage to call it what it is, a crisis, and call for full decarboniztion by 2035. We desperately need that sense of urgency to address how we obtain energy, build our structures, farm our lands, travel, and maintain natural preserves for the critters and trees that keep us in balance.  His experience in building and running a huge health care initiative tells me that he knows how to negotiate directions forward and has the diverse background to bring many skills to this role.  I encourage you to vote for Doug Thompson on or before election day.

Judith Black
Prospect St.


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