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Yarmoff Will Listen, Ask Questions, Work toward Clean Energy

Marblehead is fortunate to have an excellent candidate on the ballot for Light Commission on June 21. Jean-Jacques Yarmoff is an engineer with experience in clean energy. If elected, he will listen, ask questions, and work hard to develop a plan to ensure a clean energy future for our children and grandchildren.


The Light Commission oversees the work of the Marblehead Municipal Light Department, which provides all of our town’s electricity. While MMLD has done a good job and provides great service to Marblehead residents, it is facing enormous challenges as fossil fuel prices escalate and our aging electric grid struggles to keep up with increasing demand and changing weather.


Jean-Jacques has been attending Light Commission meetings for the past four years and understands these issues. He’s running because he wants to strengthen our electric grid, keep rates low by investing in lower-cost renewable energy, and help the town achieve its goal of net-zero carbon emissions.


As more Marblehead residents turn to electric vehicles and install electric heat pumps and air conditioning in their homes, our energy needs will grow. Jean-Jacques, the only Light Commission candidate to attend the League of Women Voters' candidate forum, will make sure we are prepared and have a plan.


Please be sure to vote for Jean-Jacques Yarmoff for Light Commission on Tuesday, June 21.


Petra Langer, Prospect Court (Yarmoff Campaign Manager)

Lynn Bryant, Gregory Street

Kurt James, Norman Street

John Livermore, Russell Street

Eileen Haley Mathieu, Longview Drive


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