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Bad Checks, Stolen Diamonds, and a Rumble at the Ripper

Police Log November 21 - 27, 2022


November 21, 2022

At approximately 1:30 PM police received a report from a Marblehead resident who stated that during the previous week, a forged $5,000 check from his business account was cashed at a Metro Credit Union in Lynn by an unknown male. The account owner reported that he is the only one authorized to write checks on the account, and that the fraudulent check had been doctored to show a different business address, authorizing signature, and check number. After learning about the fraud, the account owner had closed the account, and he was not held liable for the $5,000 withdrawal. 


But the story did not end there. On November 21, the account owner received a call from the same teller at Metro Credit Union who had helped him open the new account, stating that a female was at the bank attempting to cash another check against the old account that had been closed. The teller was not able to provide any additional information, other than that she had contacted the bank’s security department. When asked by police if any checks he had authorized were missing or failed to make it to their final destination, the account owner stated that there were not any to his knowledge, but that he had recently provided Home Depot with a blank check as part of the process for opening a business account.


The police advised the account owner that they would ask the Criminal Investigations Division to follow up with Metro Credit Union regarding the possibility that they had obtained an ID or a video from the fraud attempt. 




Police officers were dispatched to Cressy Street in response to calls from two individuals both wishing to speak with police. One officer spoke with the male caller outside, while the other officer went inside to speak with the female caller. The male explained that he had met the female at an AA meeting and had been living with her, as her roommate, for several months. He also noted that he allows her to use his car in exchange for rent.


On the evening of November 21, an argument ensued when the male complained that the female had smoked inside his vehicle, left a cigarette burn on the upholstery, and recently had a relapse when visiting a pub in Beverly. The male left to walk his dog and, when he returned, the female would not allow him back inside the apartment even though, he explained, everything he owns is there. The male told police that he had a key but didn’t want to just barge in.


The female explained that, although she had allowed the male to live there, she now wanted him to leave, stating that he does not pay rent and is “being a punk.” Police explained multiple times that, because she allowed him to live there, it is his official legal residence and police do not have the power to remove him. The male confirmed that he has several pieces of mail and court paperwork listing it as his home address. The female was not happy with this information and continued to debate with police, until she finally accepted their recommendation to either begin the eviction process or speak to the Domestic Violence Unit at Lynn District Court to see if she could obtain a restraining order.


Police advised both parties to keep to themselves for the night. The male was very agreeable to this suggestion, and the female thanked the police for coming. Police will be filing a report with North Shore Elders, as the female indicated her concern that she was being taken advantage of due to her age. 


November 22, 2022

Police were dispatched to Carol Road at approximately 6:00 PM to respond to the report of an assault. A woman told police that she was there to pick up her son, who had been hanging out with a friend, and the friend’s mother alerted her to the fact that their children had just been yelled at about playing on a tree. The woman who yelled at the boys lives on the street, and the tree in question is located in front of her house, but on town property. The woman who issued the complaint explained to police that her son and his friend had been in the back of the friend’s mother’s vehicle when the female homeowner had opened the car door and yelled at the boys. Later, she said, a male came out of the house, grabbed her wrist forcefully, and shouldered her as he walked by.


The homeowners told a different version of this story, with the woman noting that she had simply explained her concerns about safety to the boys, and the man saying that he had been walking by to take a picture of the friend’s mother’s vehicle when the woman had stepped in front of him, gotten very close, and raised her hand, at which point he grabbed her wrist because he was concerned about her intentions. 




The police were dispatched to Powder House Court at approximately 3:00 PM to address a dispute between neighbors. The woman issuing the complaint explained to police that she has been dealing with ongoing harassment from a woman who lives nearby. Earlier in the day, she said, she was walking behind the building in the alley, saw the neighbor cleaning up leaves, and turned around to avoid any contact. The neighbor noticed her, she said, yelled at her to get off the grass, and called her an expletive. Police gave the woman information on how to apply for a harassment-prevention order and suggested she report the incident to the housing authority to see if they would be able to provide assistance.




At approximately 8:00 PM, police arrived at Pond Street, where a resident stated that she had received a notification from Apple that she had been air tagged. Police turned off the tag, explained to her that this has happened before, and advised her to contact Apple for additional information.


November 23, 2022

Police, arriving in the area of the Rip Tide Lounge at approximately 11:00 PM to respond to a report of a disturbance, found a young male lying in the road with a group gathered around him. The young man stood up as police arrived. The group began yelling that he had not done anything wrong, while another individual yelled that he had snatched a chain off of another person’s neck. Police located the missing chain on the ground in front of the Rip Tide and returned it to its owner. Police noticed that the young man who had been lying on the ground had a moderately-sized bump on the side of his face, but neither he nor anyone else could recall how it had gotten there. He declined medical attention, and he and his friends called to get a ride home. 


November 25, 2022

Witnesses reported to police that a vehicle had been traveling inbound along Atlantic Avenue at a very slow speed, approximately five miles per hour in a zone with a 35 mph speed limit. It was raining at this time. Witnesses then observed the vehicle speed up suddenly and veer right, directly into a car parked along the side of the road. Police noted that the airbags had deployed and the driver of the car appeared confused. Both cars sustained significant damage, and police planned to file an Immediate Threat Medical with the Registry of Motor Vehicles, which involves suspending the license of a driver who is considered unsafe to operate a vehicle.


November 26, 2022

Police arrived at the area of Ocean Avenue and Wallace Road at about 1:50 AM to respond to the report of a fire. They discovered the fire burning on an outdoor patio in the rear of an Ocean Avenue home. It appeared to have engulfed some patio chairs but not yet reached the house. Police contacted the fire department and entered the home to evacuate the residents. Everyone was brought outside safely and then allowed to return to the home once the fire was extinguished. 




Police met with the owner of Beacon Liquor, who reported that, the previous day at approximately 10:30 AM, he observed a man deposit trash into one of the dumpsters in the alley. He confronted the individual and took a picture of him as well as his vehicle and license plate. The store owner noted that this individual had placed trash in the dumpsters on previous occasions and, this time, he informed him that he would contact police if the trash was not removed within 24 hours. It was not, which is why the owner had decided to ask for police involvement.


November 27, 2022

A woman arrived at the police station to file a larceny report. She said that her diamond studs, purchased from David’s Jewelers in New York City and valued at approximately $6,500, were stolen from her home in June of 2022. She noted that she has a regular cleaner who is very trustworthy, but the cleaner has different assistants each time. Police asked for additional information so they could follow up with the cleaner. The woman explained that she was filing a claim with her insurance company to replace the earrings and therefore needed to file a police report.