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Marblehead Police Department

Fake Facebook Account, Macy’s Card Hack, and Obscenity-Laden Neighbor Dispute

November 29, 2022

At approximately 5:00 p.m. police were called to the intersection of Pleasant Street and Bessom Street to respond to a report that a pedestrian had been hit by a car. A driver had stopped at the stop sign on Bessom Street before taking a left turn onto Pleasant Street and hitting the pedestrian with the front of the car. The car was traveling approximately three to five miles per hour at the time of the accident. The driver explained that she hadn’t seen the pedestrian, both because it was so dark outside and because the pedestrian was wearing dark clothing and not using the crosswalk. A witness told police that she had been driving along Pleasant Street and stopped to allow the pedestrian to cross, even though there was no crosswalk. She believes the other vehicle, turning onto Pleasant from Bessom Street, didn’t realize and instead assumed that the witness had stopped her car to let the other car go ahead. 


The driver of the car who hit the pedestrian was visibly upset and concerned about the pedestrian’s well-being. Following the accident, the pedestrian was conscious and walking around but had visible lacerations on both hands and was experiencing pain in the area of her left rib cage and elbow. The pedestrian was evaluated by the Marblehead Fire Department and Atlantic Emergency Medical Services, both also on the scene, and later transported to the hospital for further treatment. 




At approximately 6:00 p.m. police responded to a report from the Jewish Community Center (JCC) about a strange phone call. The front desk clerk reported that she had received a call from a woman who was asking questions about the facility and speaking very quickly without making much sense. The caller did not make any threatening remarks. She appeared to be calling from Texas, and she mentioned Texas several times during the call. The front desk clerk advised the caller to call back during normal business hours so she could speak to the director of the JCC. The director was made aware of the situation and planned to follow up directly with the caller.


December 1, 2022

Police arrived at the Ocean Breeze School on Cornell Road at approximately 10:00 a.m. to respond to a report of vandalism. The directors of the school explained that a plastic storage container in the playground, worth about $300, had been destroyed overnight. It had been forcibly ripped apart and was beyond repair. Police advised the directors to install security cameras so that any future incidents would be recorded.


December 3, 2022

At approximately 4:15 p.m. police arrived at Cressy Street to respond to a report of a theft. Two individuals, a woman and a man, living at the location had been having ongoing disputes in which the police were involved on several prior occasions. The woman had previously invited the man to live in her spare bedroom, but she had been wanting him to leave for quite some time. He finally decided to pack up and move out over the weekend, she said. The woman had avoided the apartment while the man moved out but, when she returned, she realized that a charm bracelet inherited from her mother was missing. It was made of 14 karat gold with 12 to 15 charms already on the bracelet and four additional loose charms. The woman estimated the value of the bracelet at $1,000 and said she had spent $150 on the loose charms, but she explained that the value was primarily sentimental. 


The woman explained to police that she had additional information to support her contention that the man was responsible. The bracelet was in her nightstand in her closed bedroom, she said. This is also the place where she keeps the mail. She usually grabs the mail and places it in her nightstand without looking at it until it is time to pay the bills, at which point she reviews it. She says she had received several text messages from the man accusing her of stealing his mail. While she notes she would not have taken it on purpose, she might have grabbed his mail along with her own without realizing it. She explained that the only way for the man to have realized she had any of his mail was to have been looking through her things.


Police advised the woman that they would follow up and investigate any sales at pawn shops that might meet the description of the charm bracelet. 


December 4, 2022

Police responded to a report of a disturbance on Maverick Street at approximately 2:30 p.m. An individual living at the house explained that a man he used to work with about ten years ago had shown up unannounced and extremely upset, yelling obscenities and challenging the homeowner to come outside. The homeowner noted that he had not seen the man in years and had not previously had any issues with him, though he had spoken recently with other co-workers who had received calls and similar threats from the same individual. Marblehead police spoke with Tewkesbury police, who said they had a similar incident with the same individual, who in that case was very upset about an issue with a fantasy football league that had occurred five years prior. Police forwarded information to the Criminal Investigation Department for follow up if necessary.




A police officer working on a detail assignment near Veterans Middle School received a gold chain that had been found nearby. He brought the chain to the station and placed it in an evidence locker. 




Fire and police units responded to the area off Point ‘O Rocks Lane for a report of a distraught person. A rescue of an individual was made in the ocean.


December 5, 2022

Police followed up on the previous day’s disturbance on Maverick Street by reaching out to the Walpole police department to request that they do a well-being check on the individual who had caused the incident. Walpole police reported that they had already had some involvement with this individual, including a call for malicious destruction of property. Marblehead police spoke to the individual’s mother, who reported that she had recently reconnected with him after a five year estrangement and that she knew he had been having issues. Police called the individual but were not able to leave a message. They plan to continue to reach out.




Police arrived at Pequot Road at approximately 3:00 p.m. in response to a report of fraudulent financial activity. The caller explained that her Macy’s account had been hacked, and two fraudulent orders were placed, both for cookware valued between $50 and $100, with both orders to be shipped to an address in Missouri. The caller reported that Macy’s was able to cancel the orders. Police advised her to monitor her bank accounts and credit reports for any additional fraudulent activity and provided information about how to report identity fraud to the Federal Trade Commission.




At approximately 6:00 p.m. police received a report from a resident of Harborview Lane about a dispute with a neighbor. The person filing the report said that his neighbor is having a stone wall and patio built in his backyard in opposition to town regulations, and that most of the residents on the street are upset about it. He went on to describe a verbal altercation that had taken place earlier in the day. First, he said, the man building the patio had pulled up and began yelling and swearing and using obscenities. He drove away to his own residence, and the individual filing the report said he followed to ask, “what is this about?” The other individual continued yelling and using obscenities, saying “you are riling up all the neighbors” and “I will come after you with everything I have.” The individual filing the report stated that another neighbor had observed the exchange and could provide corroboration. Police explained the process for obtaining a harassment prevention order. 


December 6, 2022

Police received a report from a third party witness that a boat was struck by an Atlantic Paving Company steam roller on Beacon Street. At approximately 10:45 a.m. police spoke with the boat’s owner, who inspected his boat and found some surface scratches but was not interested in pursuing the matter further. Police spoke with an Atlantic Paving Company foreman, who acknowledged that his company was at that location and provided the name of the steam roller operator. The operator said he did not strike the boat. 




Police arrived at Broughton Road in response to a report about online harassment. The woman explained that she and her sister were having an issue with an individual on Facebook going by the name of “Tatiana Smacks.” She believes this is a fake username, and police were unable to find anyone with the provided name and birthdate in the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles or in another police database. The caller had decided to message “Tatiana” in defense of her sister, and “Tatiana” replied with numerous messages threatening to post pictures of the caller’s 9-month-old son on an website providing escort services. “Tatiana” also replaced her Facebook profile photo with a photo of the 9 month old. Police explained to the caller that any images posted publicly on social media are not protected and advised her not to engage in further conversation with “Tatiana” and to block her on Facebook. 


Five motor vehicle accidents took place between November 30 and December 6, 2022, including hit-and-runs with property damage. 


Six verbal warnings or citations for moving violations were issued between November 20 and December 6, 2022.


Editor’s Note: Marblehead Beacon highlights certain events for publication, which include information obtained from incident, accident, and arrest reports, and on occasion from court documents and first responders. We do not attest to the veracity of anything contained in such documents, and only publish redacted versions of what are matters of public record. There will be little to no information regarding specifics in cases of domestic violence, matters pertaining to juveniles, incidents in which an individual is taken into protective custody, and select matters that remain under police investigation.